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Local Authority – HADDMS Survey

Client Brief

One Local Authority wanted to ensure that the maintenance plan they had in place was working and that the correct resources were being utilised. They had several critical hot spot areas ranging from 2 to 25 kilometres that needed to be inspected ahead of the winter season to ensure the network could handle the increased rainfall.


The local authority selected Draintech Surveys for their HADDMS survey due to their expertise and proven track record in the field. Draintech Surveys offered a comprehensive solution that included the following:

  • Detailed Site Investigation: Draintech Surveys deployed a specifically programmed GPS System and Quick view Camera to record short-length videos; the Quick view camera does not provide a complete conditional survey of the pipe but illuminates and zooms up the pipe in a fraction of the time a CCTV system will do. The survey provided a high-definition view of the internal condition of pipes and gullies, identifying defects such as cracks, blockages and root ingress.
  • Accurate Data Collection: Draintech Surveys’ experienced engineers captured and collated data using Draintech Survey’s GIS/GPS system. The team were able to plot all the highway drainage accurately while recording sizes, depth, materials, and conditions of chambers, gullies, pipes, etc. Our Qualified back office team were able to export the data into formats that are compatible with other GIS systems, allowing the Local authority to add newly plotted drainage to their asset registers in a simple and timely manner.
  • Advanced Reporting: Draintech Surveys produced a comprehensive HADDMS report that included:
    • Statistics of the number of manholes and gullies blocked in the areas.
    • Quick View Condition Report.
    • Sewer and Asset Gradings
    • Videos, Photos XML files and SHP Files
    • CAD Plans of the areas surveyed with data displayed
    • Recommendations for preventative maintenance strategies to extend the lifespan of the drainage
  • Improved Efficiency: The detailed condition assessment of the drainage network allowed the local authority to prioritise maintenance works and allocate resources effectively.
  • Reduced Flood Risk: By identifying potential problem areas, the HADDMS survey helped the local authority take proactive measures to mitigate flood risks.
  • Cost Savings: The time it takes to collect the data is significantly shorter than carrying out a full conditional survey with a CCTV crawler system due to using a Quick View Camera system. In addition, the prioritised remedial works list and preventative maintenance recommendations from Draintech Surveys enabled the local authority to optimise its budget for drainage management.
    Enhanced Planning: The HADDMS report provided valuable data for future infrastructure planning and investment decisions.


A HADDMS survey is valuable for anyone involved in highway drainage systems projects.

The Local authorities’ decision to partner with Draintech Surveys for their HADDMS survey proved successful. The comprehensive and accurate data obtained from the survey empowered the local authority to make informed decisions regarding their highway drainage network, leading to improved efficiency, reduced flood risk, and cost savings.