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Sewertronics Speedy Light Lining System- Cardiff

Sewer Lining Challenge

Draintech Surveys Ltd. client wanted to utilize approximately 300 meters of a redundant DCWW Sewer discharging foul from a newly built hospital. Following a full conditional survey, it was clear that the sewer was in need of repair. Access to this line was
along a difficult and narrow, busy public footpath. Traditional hot cure lining was the standard method; however, after an assessment, it was determined that using the Sewertronics Speedy Light lining system, which uses a UV LED curing system, would be more versatile.


Benefit One

Faster Curing: Sewertonics Speedy Light uses a UV LED to cure the resin lining in place instantly, significantly reducing cure times compared to hot cure methods. This translates to:
Quicker project completion: Reduced downtime for the sewer line, minimizing disruption for residents and businesses.
Lower labour costs: Less time spent on the project translates to lower labour costs for the end client.


Benefit Two

Trenchless Installations: Both lining methods are trenchless, avoiding the need for excavation and ground disruption. However, the faster cure time of Sewertronics Speedy Light allows for even greater efficiency in trenchless rehabilitation and can be used in remote locations.


Benefit Three

Reduced Environmental Impact: Hot cure lining often requires heating equipment for long periods of time resulting in higher emissions. Sewertronic Speedy Light uses minimal energy and produces reduced harmful emissions and carbon footprint.


Benefit Four

Cured Pipe Strength: Sewertronics Speedy Light Relining offers excellent strength and durability comparable to hot cure lining.


Benefit Five

Wider Application Range: Sewertronics Speedy Light Relining can be effective on a wider range of pipe diameters in remote locations.


By using Sewertronics Speedy Light Relining, Draintech Surveys Ltd successfully rehabilitated the sewer line in Cardiff. The
the project benefited from:

  • Reduced cure time: The sewer line was back in operation much faster than with traditional hot cure lining.
  • Minimized disruption: Residents and businesses in Cardiff experienced minimal to no disruption due to the quick
    completion time.
  • Cost-effective: The faster cure time and lower environmental impact contributed to a more cost-effective project for the end

Draintech Surveys Ltd’s decision to use Sewertronics Speedy Light Relining for the sewer line rehabilitation project in Cardiff demonstrates the advantages of this advanced technology. The faster cure times, reduced environmental impact, make Sewertronics Speedy Light a compelling alternative to traditional hot cure lining for various sewer line rehabilitation projects.