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Impermeable Area Survey

An Impermeable Area Surveys, also known as a Contributing Area Survey, is fundamental for understanding how networks perform during periods of rainfall and to produce calibrated hydraulic models. Our experienced surveying crew use a variety of techniques to determine where the rainwater landing on roofs, pavements, roads and other hard

standing areas will drain to.

Rainwater entering the foul sewer network can cause excessive flows in pumping stations and treatment works and may cause polluted sewage to overflow into streams orpossibly within a residential property. The first step in reducing the storm flows within a catchment is to identify where storm water sewers are separate from foul, and those areas which are combined into the one system. Draintech’s Engineers undertake dye tracing, sound testing and CCTV surveying to assist clients in identifying storm water connections to the foul network.

Draintech also regularly use dye testing to assist with locating connections between manholes, determining the downstream destination of assets and identifying the origin of foul sewage pollution in storm water lines, culverts and watercourses. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements and our engineers will be glad to assist with solving network problems.