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Infiltration Surveys

Over the past few years Britain’s climate has been dramatically changing, the devastating effects of recent severe winter flooding events are now a priority for National Agencies and Governments. There is now an increased pressure on river and culvert capacity and excessively high water table levels. Draintech's clients have requested for to us to carry out Infiltration and Surveys to assist in understanding areas where their infrastructure is ‘at risk’ of CCTV Surveyfailure.

In consultation with our Clients a desk top based study is carried out on the problem catchment to establish areas to target for site investigation. This takes into account any information supplied by local residents, network operators and includes a review of the sewer records to locate sections of sewer network running alongside, or crossing, watercourses, traversing large permeable areas (agricultural lands, public open spaces etc).

Site investigations are based on a variety of surveys such as inspections to record evidence of infiltration, flow depth & velocity (including use of hand held monitoring equipment), evidence of surcharge, assessments on ground conditions, river crossing points (pipe bridges, siphons) etc.

Details of survey findings are issued to Clients in various formats and include; scanned field sheets, excel spreadsheets, plans and photographs.