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Manhole Labels

Several challenges can arise if Companies do not understand what their Drainage Network looks like; it may prevent them extending their building and the growth of a company as you don’t know where the drainage lines are and require full drainage mapping of the area (why would it effect the growth of a Company)?

More importantly if you don’t know what the drainage lines contain and where they are going Companies can run the risk of causing contamination and therefore receive a fine from the Environmental Agency or NRW.

Draintech has helped several Organisations, Schools and Factories build an Environmental Policy which is based on mapping all the Drainage lines on site and providing a comprehensive plan of the site. In addition, we are also identifying each manhole with a simple label which clearly states what the drainage pipe contains (Foul, Effluent or Storm) and which direction the flow is going.

These labels give everyone in the Organisation the basic understanding of the drainage pipe and saves time if there are any drainage emergencies.