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Sewer Patching

Draintech are able to carry out patch repairs in drainage networks. These patch liners are used as a chosen method of repair where defects are evident within a certain section of sewer or drainage system. The patch liner system is

Interior industrial piping, sewer and driving or channeling water

generally used when there is a particular isolated defect or there are multiple defects within a shorter section area of pipe work.

These areas can be remotely accessed generally through one point of entry such as an existing manhole chamber. Patches can also be overlapped to achieve rehabilitation over greater distances where access may be an issue to install a full-length liner.

Inflatable packers are used to allow flows to continue to pass through the system whilst the patch liner has been inserted in the defective areas allowing the continued use of the system. This reduces the impact on customers, allowing continued use of their internal facilities.

All patch liners are installed to water industry standards.