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Sewer Tracing Surveys

Draintech are able to assist their clients with understanding exactly where the sewer network runs  i.e. prior to building and developing. This is achieved by utilising Radio Detection (RD) sewer tracing equipment and GPS Data Caputuresondes. We are then able to provide a comprehensive sewer tracing service. Draintech is able to electronically trace (sonde and illuminated line trace) drain and sewer positions to depths up to 10m and record all asset data associated with the system, and mark the route on site, which can then be plotted onto a topography plan or onto an Ordinance Survey Map.

This can help to establish upstream or downstream connectivity of a drainage system to resolve connectivity related issues or can be carried out in conjunction with GPS equipment to fix the location of a pipeline through a site for reasons such as re-development, land registry issues and disputes regarding drainage routes etc. This equipment has also been effectively deployed on road gully connectivity investigation surveys to establish discharge point.

Draintech often performs this survey combined with a conditional survey to give a better overall picture of exactly what is going on underground. Reports will typically consist of a Sewer Layout plan detailing results of connectivity investigation or route of sewer as appropriate.